Spirit Sword Soverign Season 2

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In the city of Xifeng, the reputation of the Chu family was known as a fallen clan. But one day, Chu Xing Yun confidently asked the Shui Family’s second daughter, Liu Xiang, in marriage. His actions might be arrogant, but Chu Xing Yun had more knowledge about the future than anyone thought. In another life, Chu Xing Yun was a brave soldier from his family when the war between the Chu clan and Shui destroyed two families. Grab a magical time-travel stone, Xing Yun has traveled back to his youth in hopes of correcting his mistakes and losses. Will Xing Yun be able to change his destiny, or will the universe prove that one can never cheat fate?

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Episode Spirit Sword Soverign Season 2