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The Island of Siliang Episode 15 Subtitle END

ONA Sub Released on September 13, 2021 · ? views · Posted by animexinadm · series The Island of Siliang
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The Island of Siliang

Rating 8
Status: Completed Network: Studio: Released: Jun 14, 2021 Duration: 20 Minute Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 15 Fansub: AnimeXin
Since the birth of this universe, living things in this world such as Gods, Immortals and Humans have lived in different times and spaces and have different roles. The God Clan is responsible for the laws governing all living things. Siliang Island is a place of exile built by the God Clan to punish gods and Immortals who make mistakes. This place is located at the intersection between the God World and the Realm of Heaven, where there is a barrier created by the God Clan. Once the Gods and Immortals are exiled, as long as they are contaminated by seawater then they will die and the immortals' lifetimes will become like human lifetimes, feeling as much suffering as old age, sickness and death here. According to legend, every 500 years "Liberation of heaven" will come. If the Gods and Immortals or their descendants trapped in them pass the "Liberation of heaven" test, then they can return to heaven. But some people don't want to wait this long and with such a slim chance that they choose to take the risk of breaking down the barrier and running away.

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